Health, Safety & Environment

At Tom Jones Corporation, we recognize the importance of workplace Health & Safety and have developed a leading-edge, best practice-based Health & Safety Program to keep our work sites safe. Our goal is to lead by example in an inherently hazardous and risk filled industry.

Every member of the Tom Jones Corporation team knows our Health & Safety policies and procedures. Health & Safety programs are built with a pragmatic, people-focused approach and are about keeping employees, subcontractors and site visitors safe. Our people understand that safety is their primary responsibility and are required to report any concerns immediately.

Key elements of our Health & Safety program include:

Ensuring Tom Jones Corporation people are informed, accountable and committed to Health & Safety;

Encouraging quick reporting and prompt action when Health & Safety concerns arise;

Actively participating in safe work practices training;

Complying with all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice for the industry;

Auditing, assessing and reporting regularly on Health & Safety standards;

Consistently working to eliminate work-related injuries by proactively managing hazards.

Work closely with the Ministry of Labour, W.S.I.B. and Infrastructure Health and Safety Association to implement safe workplace recommendations.

Providing or arranging accommodations for Ontarians including people with disabilities in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Please contact us should you require an alternate format of this Program and Policy.

Safety Awards

Tom Jones Corporation’s outstanding leadership in health and safety was honoured with the IHSA’s President’s Award from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) in Toronto in 2017.

Our company was one of nine in the province to be honoured with the prestigious award. The President’s Award is presented annually for achieving excellence in workplace safety culture by reaching more than 250,000 hours worked without a lost-time injury.


Tom Jones Corporation achieves COR™ Certification.

In 2018, Tom Jones Corporation achieved COR™ Certification in the province of Ontario. The company was recognized by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) in Toronto for being one of relatively few contractors in the province to have successfully achieved the highest provincial standards of health & safety.

COR™ is a national occupational health & safety program that is fast becoming a pre-qualification requirement for many contractors working in and out of the province and on public and private sector projects. Achieving the COR™ Certification is proven nationally to bring added-value to clients and construction projects without additional costs.

Studies have shown that COR™ certified companies have statistically fewer workplace injuries (up to 20%) at a lesser severity. The reduction in workplace injuries translates to lower project delivery costs, which ultimately results in savings to clients. Tom Jones Corporation was audited by the IHSA and achieved the required national standard score of 80% to achieve accreditation.


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