Project Description

The Advanced Technology & Academic Centre (ATAC) is a focus for the Lakehead University campus. The 6 storey, 108,000 ft2 facility was built with 15 smart classrooms, computer labs, robotics labs, software engineering, and computer science research laboratories, distance education facilities; a multimedia production studio; and geographic information systems (GIS) labs.

The Construction of ATAC has provided the University with enhanced connectivity to the world. Electronic linkages via “smart classrooms” enhance distance education facilities. The computer teaching and research labs, GIS labs, and computing capability make LU equivalent to any major university in the Country. 

Tom Jones Corporation was the General Contractor on this project. ATAC was designed and constructed to high standards of energy efficiency. The curved glass curtain wall gives the building a striking beauty and simultaneously functions as large solar panels. The triple glazed glass panels also provide a substantial portion of the buildings lighting needs and hollow-core concrete floors act as an air distribution system.  The state-of-the-art technology incorporated in ATAC required extensive coordination with consultants and all trades.



At A Glance

Project Name: Advanced Technology & Academic Centre (ATAC)

Role in Project: General Contractor

Client: Lakehead University