Project Description

The Calm Lake station consists of a powerhouse and a concrete gravity section containing the spillway. Each generating unit is provided with two head gates, which are operated by an electrical screw hoist. There is a sluice gate on the spillway, fifteen bays of stop logs on the spillway, and a hydraulic log lifter for log handling. The head pond operates between the minimum elevation of 382.2 metres and maximum elevation of 382.75 metres.

Tom Jones Corporation completed a Dam Restoration in 2009.  The restoration was completed in three phases 2001, 2008 and 2009.  Completion of the concrete repairs involved crane and barge as well as the installation of cofferdams to access the work area.  Some repairs also required underwater work.


At A Glance

Project Name: Calm Lake Dam Rehabilitation

Role in Project: General Contractor

Client: Abitibi Bowater