Project Description

The Confederation College Biomass Project was an addition onto the existing college boiler plant. The project was to construct a building complete with equipment to burn waste wood from various hog fuel suppliers and offset the college natural gas consumption. The building is comprised of two main rooms, the first whish is a fuel storage room with walking floor to feed into the biomass boilers, and the second which is a boiler house where there are two biomass boilers and control equipment. The two rooms are linked together with a below grade pit and conveyor system that delivers fuel from the fuel storage and into the boilers. In addition to the biomass fuel, the project utilized the south facing wall to install a solar heat recovery wall for building heat and cooling as well as a green roof and solar array added at roof elevation. New access roadways and parking were added for biomass fuel delivery trucks and maintenance staff.  


At A Glance

Project Name: Confederation College - Biomass Learning & Research Centre

Role in Project: General Contractor

Client: Honeywell Energy Solutions