Project Description

The new residence for the Tbaytel Engineering Department offers 10,000 square feet of space designed specifically to the client’s needs with accommodation for its employees and its operations. 

FORM Architecture Engineering designed the building towards LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard. The large windows on three sides of the building, offer a lot of natural day light into the building which will help to create a more positive work environment for employees.  Materials used to construct the new building, incorporated green construction or sustainable building materials that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient through the buildings life cycle.

Utilizing wood frame construction allowed for a quick construction start and introduced sustainable building products into the aesthetic. From an overall design perspective the intent was to provide a simple and functional working environment that could take advantage of the open spans to allow for flexible staffing arrangements and still maximize the amount of daylighting into the interior spaces.

The entire Design-Build project had a twelve months deadline to complete a design, build, lease, program for Tbaytel. Tom Jones Corporation, As the Design Build Contractor, with our own labour forces and several Sub-contractors, achieved this deadline within eleven months, slightly ahead of schedule.



At A Glance

Project Name: Tbaytel Engineering Office

Role in Project: Design Build Contractor

Delivery Method: New Construction

Client: Tbaytel