Project Description

Architectural stone with a distinct limestone colour is used at the base of the building with earth coloured brick above the stone base and vertical metal on the uppermost storey bring down the vertical height of the building and tie-in the material that clads the mechanical penthouse. Green coloured curtain wall glass and spandrel is used to expose the vertical circulation spaces within the building. The curtain wall creates openness and breathtaking views and encourages the use of stairwells for circulation.

Construction utilized sustainable building practices, reducing construction waste, protecting the surrounding environment from storm water run-off. Materials and finishes were chosen that that reduce or eliminate adverse health effects supporting a healthy indoor environment utilizing recycled content, durability, and no volatile organic compounds.  

Oriented with its long axis north-south, maximizes the southern exposure for winter solar heat gain and maximizing natural daylight throughout the year. This orientation reduces the problematic issue of the east and west building faces becoming overheated in the early morning hours or late evenings. Curtain wall and spandrel panels are selectively located with the curtain wall systems within stairwells and lobbies utilizing the natural light to enhance the building lobbies, circulation spaces and stairwells.

Mechanically the building utilizes heat recovery ventilators, heat pumps, and low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce energy and water usage costs. The electrical systems utilizes energy efficient lighting incorporating occupancy sensors to shed lighting load when the natural ambient lighting is sufficient.



At A Glance

Project Name: 1040 Oliver Road Medical Building

Role in Project: Design Build Contractor

Client: 2359031 Ontario Inc.